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Storage Dubai | Safe & Secure Storage

Cheapest Storage in Dubai

Are you redecorating your house and need to have your furniture carefully protected, safely collected and stored in secure storage facility in Dubai for a few months ?

Have you sold your house and need to store the full contents of your home into storage Dubai until you get keys for your new home ?

Are you decluttering and would like to store a few boxes in personal storage so you can free up some space in your bedroom ?

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35sq ft Storage Container Pod

Advantages of Storage Pods

If you need a place to store your items in Dubai, UAE, our 35sqft (7cbm) storage pods may be the perfect solution for you.

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Remove items to consolidate and reduce the number of containers used

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Easily identify and remove items by organizing them into different containers

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Storage pods are upto 50% cheaper than  most common self-storage options

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All Pods are stored inside our CCTV secured facilities

Are you looking for cheap Self Storage in Dubai ?

We offer the simplest and most transparent storage in Dubai. You can store as little or as much as you like. When you use our storage facility in Dubai you only pay for the volume you store.

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Store one box or one house
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Pay for volume stored not storage unit
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Store for one week or for whole year

How do Storage Pods work ?

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Our storage pods offer a cost-effective option as you only pay for the storage space you actually use. If you're moving out in stages, our 35 sq ft (7cbm) containers are a great option because they allow you to adjust the volume of your storage as you go. If your volume decreases, you can reduce the number of containers you need, which can help you save money. With our flexible storage options, you can easily control your costs by managing your volume.

Storage Pod Dubai
Traditional Self Storage Dubai
Insurance is offered but not Mandatory
Can be costly and mandatory even if you don't need it
We will arrange full packing and moving service
Customer required to organise moving into storage
We will protect your soft furniture blankets to protect from dust & scratching
You need to purchase and protect yourself
Our storage pods can be upto 50% cheaper with no hidden costs
Lots of paperwork and may have hidden charges
Dedicated facility with security & CCTV
Dedicated facility with security & CCTV
Access your containers 7 days per week during normal opening hours
Access your storage unit 6/7 days per week during opening Hours
Add or remove storage pods as your storage requirements increase or decrease
Various sizes available but if you reduce volume you remain in the same unit

Our Simple Dubai Storage process

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Complete our online form and we’ll get back to you with a quote. Once you are happy with our quote Click to Accept to start the booking process.

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We COLLECT your items

On collection day, our moving crew will bring packing materials and boxes to pack and load your items into our storage container pods.

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We STORE your items

Our warehouse crew will securely off-load your storage container pods with forklifts and store them in our secure dedicated storage warehouse.

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We RETURN your items

When ready, let us know and we will return your items to you. We will place everything back and reassemble any items that were disassembled.

We have a Dubai Storage solution for you!

Home Storage in Dubai

Whether you are selling your house or moving out of a rental property, there are some items you may not want to take to your new home. We can securely transport any items you need storing away on the day you’re moving and we’ll take care of everything.

Furniture Storage in Dubai

If you are, it can be a pain to manage your furniture while work is being carried out. Instead of moving furniture around and covering it with plastic, we can offer you a short term solution to store your furniture.

Did you know that we also provide Storage in London, UK ?