Frequently Asked Questions

Moving and Packing Dubai

Can I reschedule my moving date ?

If your moving date changes, please inform us as soon as possible. If you cancel with more than 10 days notice there is no fee. However, as per our terms and conditions, if you need to cancel or change your move date 5 to 10 before your move date then it's 30% charge;2 to 5 days before then its 60%. If you cancel 48 hours before then its 100% charge.

Is my Dubai move insured against any damages?

Yes, we provide Goods in Transit insurance through AXA insurance of up to AED 240,000 to protect against any damages for added peace of mind during your house move. If the value of goods is higher and you would like to increase that amount, then simply let us know and we can arrange that for you.

How is the my Dubai moving quote calculated?

Every move is unique so in order to provide an accurate quote, we must first understand your specific moving needs. Our fixed price quotes are determined by a variety of factors including:

1. Inventory of furniture: The quantity of furniture and boxes you have will affect the resources required, such as removal men, packing materials, and vehicles. Larger and heavier items will take more time and effort, while securely packed boxes are more manageable.

2. Distance between properties: The longer the distance, the more time and fuel is needed to travel between properties. Moving within the same London postcode is typically cheaper than moving out of it.

3. Floor levels at either side: The more stairs that need to be navigated, the more time and effort it takes. Every box and piece of furniture must be moved by hand or trolleys. The presence of lifts can assist, but small lifts can prolong the move.

4. Parking at either property: This is an important factor that affects the time and effort needed to load and unload vehicles. A drive or parking spot right outside the property is ideal, but if parking is more than 20 meters away, it will require more time to transport furniture and boxes.

5. Disassembly and Reassembly: The number of items that need to be dismantled and reassembled must also be considered. Disassembling and preparing a 2 door wardrobe or a bed frame can take 30 minutes to 1 hour for 2 removal experts, depending on the complexity. Reassembling on the other side may take slightly longer.

6. Additional services: Our removals quote takes into account any additional services requested, such as packing, cleaning, and/or storage options.

7. Other factors: We may also need to consider other factors like congestion charging, penalty charges.

To ensure the most accurate quote, we recommend performing an onsite or video home survey. With all of the above information, we can calculate the number of men required, the time needed, and the size and number of vehicles needed.

We do our best to provide a transparent, honest, and accurate moving home quote with no hidden charges.

Are there any items which you are not allowed to move ?

In accordance with health and safety regulations, we are unable to move certain items, including animals, statues, perishable goods, hazardous materials, drugs, firearms, and explosives. Additionally, we cannot move items that are extremely heavy or pose a risk to our removals team or the public. If you believe you have any of these types of items, please inform us so we can verify.

Do I need to arrange parking space ?

Yes. Proximity to parking is crucial because if a suitable space is not available, it will affect the time and effort required to complete your move. Each removal vehicle needs a parking space that can accommodate two cars.

Do you provide packaging materials for my house move?

Yes. We offer high-quality packing materials, including boxes, tape, paper, and bubble wrap, at affordable prices. It is recommended to check with us before purchasing from other sources. We can arrange for the materials to be delivered prior to your moving day. Additionally, we offer packing bundles which can be found at our Packing Shop.

Do you place all my items into designated rooms?

Yes, please let us know in advance or on the day of the move, and we will make sure to unload boxes and furniture into the specific rooms you request. This will make it easier for you to settle into your new home.

How many men will arrive for my move?

This will depend on the size of your property and other factors such as access and services required. We typically send between 2-6 members of staff on a typical house or villa move in Dubai. Larger and more complicated moves may require more men.

What happens if my move takes longer than expected?

For fixed price house moves, you will not be charged more than what is stated in your quote. Please keep in mind that the quote is based on the inventory and access information provided. In most cases, a few additional items will not be a problem. However, if there are significantly more items or access is poor (such as limited parking or multiple flights of stairs), we may need to charge for additional time and/or manpower.

Office Relocation Dubai

Will you provide packing materials and crates?

Yes. For a typical office relocation we will normally provide moving crates, bubblewrap, boxes etc. Our aim is to make your office relocation as stress free as possible. However if you would like to order your own crates or materials and simopky want us to do all the heavy lifting then we can do that too.

Do you provide business Storage?

Yes. We offer both long term and short term storage solutions for businesses. Whether you need to store documents, desks, filing cabinets, stock or materials we can move it and store it for you.

What if you are unable to move something?

We can handle the loading and transport of most items, but larger and bulkier items like printers and photocopiers weighing over 100 kg may be too heavy for our office moving team. We also cannot move items that require specialist disassembly and moving. If you have any items that you think may be difficult to move, please let our team know when requesting a quote, and we will provide advice on how to properly move them.

Do you provide office packing services?

Yes. With over 10 years of experience, we have assisted many companies in Dubai with their office relocations. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including packing, to assist you in moving your company to your new office.

Storage Dubai

Do I need to pay in advance for my storage in Dubai?

Our initial moving quote will include 1 weeks of storage fees. Once you are in storage with us you will receive a separate storage only invoice for the remaining days in the month. After this you will receive an invoice towards the end of each month to pay for the next month in advance.

Will I have to pay for any unused storage?

Some companies charge for storage weekly and some charge monthly. We charge daily for storage which means you will only be charged for the number of days you are in storage so you never pay for any unused storage.

Are my goods insured whilst they are in storage?

Yes. All items placed in storage with us are covered for fire and theft. If you would like protection against accidental damage then you can purchase that level of storage insurance.

Can I add or remove any items in my storage?

Yes. Simply lets us know by sending us an email and we will arrange it for you. If you would like to add some items then you can bring them to our warehouse yourself or you can ask us to collect from your home. If you would like to remove some items then you can come to our warehouse to collect or you can request to to pick the items from your storage and deliver to you.

Can you disassemble furniture for storage?

Yes. We disassemble beds, tables and wardrobes as part of our moving service. If we need to disassemble something we will protect it during transport and place it into storage for you.

How can I access my stuff when its in Storage?

Feel free to pop down to our warehouse during our opening hours. If you need assistance to retrieve something then simply send us an email to let us know you need assisted access and we can arrange a moving expert to help you find what you need.

Packing Services Dubai

When do you normally do the packing service ?

This depends on the size of your move and whether you have chosen a full packing service, partial packing service or a fragile packing service. In most cases, we will send our team of packers to your property at least one day before your moving day to ensure that you are all packed and ready to have your belongings loaded onto our vans,

How can I add a Packing Service to my quote ?

To include our packing services in your quote, please let us know when requesting a quote either through our online form or by phone. If you need to add this service to an existing quote, please contact our customer support team for assistance by emaling us at:

What packing materials do you use to pack my home?

Our packers come equipped with all the necessary materials to properly and securely pack your belongings. They use heavy-duty boxes, bubble wrap, acid-free paper and void fill to ensure safe transit of your items to your new home.

Can you pack only fragile items ?

Yes. We provide a 'Fragiles Only' packing service. Our experienced packers have expertise in handling a diverse range of fragile items, including antiques, paintings, and collectable figurines. They handle these items with the utmost care and use additional protective packaging to ensure safe transit. Glassware is specially wrapped with acid-free paper to prevent any tarnishing.