Where Do I Start When Moving Out?

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
July 2, 2022

Moving home from one location to another is not an easy task. Before you start, you need to make sure that every step is planned. If not, then the move may end up costing more than it should.

It is better to know what goes into moving home before you start packing and preparing for the big day. This article will cover everything you need to know about moving a house, including:

What are some tips for making the process easier?

There are a bunch of things you can do to make the moving process easy for yourself. Skipping on them will only complicate things.

Making a checklist of the move is on top of the various tasks you can do. A checklist will help you streamline everything from sorting, packing, and finally moving. It will also help you keep your thoughts in order and ensure that you do not forget anything.

Another thing to do is decide in time whether or not you will require the help of professional movers. If you are, book them at least a month or two before all of their slots fill up.

If you plan the move yourself, you will have to make decisions on how you will pack and move the things. Some of these include where you will hire the trailers? And what their sizes will be, etc.

Moving on, we will break the article into small steps that you can follow when thinking to move:

Declutter and sort out everything

Start by decluttering your home of things that you don’t need or no longer use. This step not only saves you time in the future but a lot of material too during the packing stage.

Make piles of stuff discard, and donate. By the time you will be done, you will have an exact idea of what exactly is in your house, and what's going to move along to the new location.

Start packing

If you’re planning to pack your things yourself, gather all the materials you will need. Boxes, Packing tape, Packing sheets, old blankets, and newspapers: are all the stuff you will need.

Next, start from the rooms with the lowest traffic and then move on to the high traffic areas such as your bedroom and kitchen. For delicate items, use protective coatings like bubble wrap, and try not to push them deep into the boxes you use.

If you have hired a removals company, they will take care of this step.

The moving day

Usually, at this stage, if you are moving, you will be stuffing the hired trailer vans with your goods and then driving to the location. Here we recommend hiring a professional moving company to do the job. Here are some reasons why:

  1. There is a high chance of you getting hurt with some of the heavy items in your home. Furniture, large electric appliances will need more man-power to move which you alone cant give.
  2. Provided you move your items without breaking your back: there is still a chance of breakage. It can be during the packing process or the move.
  3. If you are busy with your job or something else, moving will take a considerable amount of time: leaving you exhausted.

On the other hand, hiring professionals will let you do other stuff while they take care of everything. Their experience will also minimize the chances of breakage.

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