Self Storage and Containerised Storage in Dubai Explained

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
December 19, 2023

Do you struggle with limited space in your home and find yourself constantly searching for ways to store your belongings? You're not alone. With modern living, it's becoming increasingly common to accumulate items that we hold dear and have a hard time letting go of. However, finding a secure and convenient storage solution can be challenging.

Here, you're in luck, as several types of storage in Dubai are available to help you keep your valuable items safe and sound. The two most popular storage options are self-storage and containerized storage. Below, in this blog, let's explore the pros and cons of each possible storage service in Dubai so that you can make an informed decision.

Self Storage in Dubai

Self-storage facilities are like warehouses where you can store personal or commercial items. Most moving companies in Dubai offer purpose-built storage facilities designed to meet your needs. 

These units come with basic security protocols, such as CCTV and padlocked doors on all sides. On-site personnel is present during operation hours, and you can even choose to provide your lock for extra security.

Self-storage units in Dubai come in a variety of sizes, from a single locker to a double garage, allowing you to choose the right size for your needs and save money by not paying for unused space. 

Additionally, the Dubai storage unit is indoors and protected from changes in weather and temperature, and most facilities offer temperature management during loading and shipment. With 24/7 availability, self-storage units in Dubai provide you the flexibility you need. Contact I Like to Move it Move It for a free Self Storage Dubai quote.

Containerised Storage in Dubai

Containerized storage space in Dubai is a great option for those who need to store household items for an extended period. Furniture storage in Dubai is typically located in locations such as warehouses or security compounds and offers affordable rental options without any extra expenses.

Depending on the size you select, you will be able to access your unit at any time, or you may need to schedule visits. Containerized storage units in Dubai have fewer limitations on what you can store, making it a great choice for those who need to store large items. However, it's important to note that containerized storage is best suited for those without frequent access to their unit.

Which Storage Option is Right for You?

Self-storage in Dubai is the most cost-effective alternative for people who need to store items temporarily. It's ideal for storing items such as Christmas decorations, an extra bed, baby outfits, and other 'once-in-a-while items.

On the other hand, containerized storage in Dubai is ideal for those who need to store multiple large items for an extended period and don't need frequent access to their unit.

In conclusion, whether you need temporary storage or long-term storage solutions, I Like to Move It Move It Dubai is a storage company in Dubai offering a range of options to help you keep your valuable items safe and secure. By weighing the pros and cons of self-storage and containerized storage, you can make an informed decision and find the best storage solution for your needs.