How much notice do you have to give removal companies?

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July 2, 2022

There are a variety of events that can force us to relocate on short notice. Whether it's a problem with your landlord or a professional obligation, you may need to relocate quickly. It may appear daunting, but moving at the last minute is achievable if you are organized.

When you have less time than others, rigorous planning and meticulous organization are necessary. To begin, you'll need to choose a reputable removal company to help you with your relocation. 

What Kind of Advance Notice Do Removal Companies Require?

You should hire a moving company at least 4-6 weeks before your project's completion date. You may need to give more notice if you're planning a long-distance move.

However, this isn't always doable, and depending on your job, a last-minute move may be an only option. Book at least 7 days ahead of time to increase your chances of being accepted, but if you need it sooner, call around and compare.

1. Make a Strategy for Getting Started

It may seem hard to start your last-minute move, but if you spend a few minutes making a plan, you'll be on your way in no time. Don't waste time dwelling on the problem; instead, make a moving house checklist and stroll through your house to see what needs to be transported and what can be left behind. Consider what has to be packed, donated, or discarded to lighten the load.

2. Hire a moving company right away.

Although it's normally best to schedule your removal firm weeks in advance, you might be able to do so at the last minute. They may be able to accommodate you during quiet seasons, and even during busy times, they may have cancellations. Make a moving date for yourself and stick to it.

A removal firm will make all the difference when you have so little time to get organized. They are capable of handling any situation and will not be fazed by the short deadline.

3. Keep track of your time.

Always keep track of what you're doing and how long it takes. It's important to stay cool and enjoy the move, but don't allow for any delays. Pack room by room and don't linger on stuff you're not sure about; either keep them or throw them out. If it helps you make decisions, be ruthless. 

Compare removal businesses, but don't waste time scouring the internet; pick someone as soon as feasible. Set a timer for yourself to go off on your personal deadline if you don't think you can trust yourself to move swiftly enough.

4. Get started packing as soon as you can.

It's critical to get started as soon as possible if you're making a last-minute move. Along with the removal, most moving firms provide a packing service. This could be advantageous and enable a faster move. They can arrive early on moving day and pack everything for you professionally. When you get started, don't forget about the moving essentials and consider what goods you should retain in your car.

Getting More Done in Less Time and Spending Less Money on Your Move

Last-minute removals may appear impossible at first, but we hope this tutorial has shown you how simple they may be with a little thought and organization.

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