Do Removal Companies Unplumb Washing Machines?

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
June 19, 2022

Removal companies are responsible for the safe transportation of goods. This includes washing machines as well. But do removal companies unplumb washing machines? The answer is no. 

Removal companies are not responsible for removing the plumbing from a washing machine. They are only responsible for transporting it to its destination safely

How do removal companies work?

A removal company is a business that specializes in moving people and their belongings to new locations. They are experts in packing, lifting, transporting, and unpacking everything that you own.

Unlike most people, unplumping a washing machine is not something they do. Usually, you will require the services of a professional plumber to do that. Or some people can do it themselves if they have experience. In rare cases, they may provide the service, but you will have to ask them first. 

What goes into dismantling a washing machine?

A washing machine has water pipes that need to be disconnected– before it can be taken away on moving day. If you have your own plumber or know how to do it yourself, then it's not necessary for the removal company to do this for you. However, if you don't know how to unplumb a washing machine, then this service will cost an additional fee from your removal company.

Moving a washing machine is a task that requires some preparation and patience. It is not an easy process to undertake, but with the right knowledge and equipment, it can be done.

A professional will unplug the washing machine from the mains supply as well as disconnect any water pipes connected to it. This is when the movers come in. They will then lift it onto their trolley or truck and transport it to its new home. A removal company may also need to move any other appliances that are in the same room as the washing machine, such as a dishwasher or fridge.

In case the removals do unplumb the washing machine

It's rare but not impossible to find some removal companies that unplumb washing machines. If you're tied for time and one offers these services, you are in luck

These removal companies will unplumb the washing machine and remove it from the plumbing.

Removal companies are experts in moving things around. If they provide the services then it means they are trained to be able to unplumb a washing machine and remove it from plumbing without causing any damage to either. When you hire them, they will take care of all the details for you so that you don't have to worry about a thing.


When you hire an expert removal company, they will usually provide a quote and an estimate of the time it will take to complete the job. They will also provide you with a list of things that they are willing to do for you. Check then the services they offer and which ones you personally need.

Most removal companies do not offer the services of unplumbing a washing machine. But some do. If it's one of the services you can't do without you can hire them to do the job for you, but this is not something that they typically do. It is more common for them to remove all the transit bolts so that they can be moved without any plumbing attached.

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