Do Moving Companies take Deposits?

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
November 29, 2023

When booking beforehand—a flight, a restaurant table, a holiday, etc.—you are frequently required to deposit some money to secure the service. Just like any other service industry, you may be required to deposit a specific amount when booking professional movers and packers in Dubai

The movers in Dubai require a guarantee that you will not cancel the move in the eleventh hour.  Whether or not moving companies charge down payment is a matter of their policy. 

During your search, you will come across diverse kinds of movers. Nonetheless, the fact that some movers are asking for deposits does not essentially mean that they are scammers. 

Charging a down payment is a common practice—many companies ask for a deposit to book a moving date, particularly during peak season when their services are highly sought-after.

Do Movers In Dubai Take Deposits?

It is common for relocation companies in Dubai to charge a small deposit to reserve a moving date, but not all companies take a down payment--it is up to the company. 

As per the law, every moving company is permitted to set its rules for down payments and terms of payment. However, in writing, they must reveal these terms and rules to each client. 

Thus, taking a down payment gives no hint of the mover’s legitimacy or reliability—a trustworthy moving company is equally anticipated to charge or not charge a deposit. 

Practice demonstrates that most reputable movers charge a down payment, particularly in big cities where the frequency of moves is extremely high.

Why Should You Pay A Deposit To Movers In Dubai?

Many people recommend finding a professional moving company in Dubai that does not charge a deposit, but this, in reality, puts the customer at risk. Here are two reasons why paying a deposit is a wise idea. 

  • A Down Payment Locks In Your Reservation

Most dependable movers request to put some money down to hold a moving date. 

This guarantees your reservation is locked in and confirmed. You don’t need to pay the full cost upfront, but depositing a small amount is better.

  • Less Likelihood Of Your Reservation Being Canceled Or Rescheduled

There is less possibility of rescheduling or cancellation of your booking if you have paid a down payment to lock in your reservation. 

Some less renowned house movers and packers in Dubai will not come or fit in some other client who has paid a down payment. 

There are countless stories about individuals being left helpless after their movers in Dubai vanished or were days late.

What Should Moving Companies Provide You With Before You Pay A Deposit?

You should only pay a deposit once you have confirmed that the moving company you have selected is a genuine and established company with a great reputation. Reputable and affordable moving companies in Dubai must supply you with the following:

  • A Comprehensive Written Agreement Once You Have Accepted Their Quote.

This is necessary as it is a binding agreement for service deliverables, giving you mental peace that you are hiring a company that knows its contractual obligations and is dedicated to meeting them. 

The agreement should include comprehensive details of the service they will be carrying out, moving times and dates, delivery and pick-up addresses, a list of things being moved, their insurance details, etc. 

  • Advice About Insurance

This is extremely important as most clients don’t grasp that the insurance of a relocation company does not forever cover damage to their possessions. 


Many companies request deposits for your move. The most dependable ones won’t charge a big amount, so paying it should not be an issue. 

Just remember, moving internationally and locally are not identical things. So, you can’t anticipate the down payment to be the same.