6 Pro Tips For Moving Home Furniture In Silicon Oasis Dubai

Last Updated:
November 29, 2023

Shifting furniture to a new home can be exciting, yet testing if it is your first time. Handling heavy pieces of furniture can be risky, particularly if you are unaware of the right procedure. 

When you aspire to avoid possible injuries or damage to your belongings when relocating from one place to another, you should be aware of vital safety measures. 

The ideal approach to shifting large furniture pieces is to find a reliable furniture moving company in Dubai with the necessary professional experience, moving equipment, and operational knowledge to pack and move your furniture quickly to the new location. 

However, sometimes, you may only have the choice to shift your furniture yourself because you don’t have sufficient money to hire home furniture moving services. So, to aid you with your imminent move, we are going to share some tips for shifting furniture to your new residence in Silicon Oasis Dubai.

6 Pro Tips For Moving Home Furniture

These useful tips will make moving furniture in Dubai a breeze when you shift home.

  • Plan Beforehand

Before you shift furniture, think about where the furniture will be placed in your new home. That way, you will only have to move it twice—from your current house into a truck and then from the truck into your new home. 

If you don’t plan beforehand, your furniture will need to be moved multiple times while you plan where it will look great.

  • Purge Needless Items

Packing all your belongings into bags and boxes can be a daunting task. To make it a tad bit easier for you, reduce the clutter as much as possible. 

Before you pack a single bag, do a purge of needless or unused things. You will have fewer items to pack, shift, and unpack. 

  • Disassemble Everything You Can

If you can safely dismantle a furniture piece, do so before moving. Dismantled pieces will be enormously easy to pack, move through tight spaces and doors, and keep safe during transportation. 

Items like bedframes, shelves, couch cushions, etc., should be removed and packed individually. Disassemble one piece of furniture at a time and put all the hardware in a Ziploc bag.

  • Clear The Path

Ensure that the path is clear before the furniture moves to Dubai. This will let you see the pathway clearly and inhibit tripping dangers. 

Moreover, put moving blankets or a roll-out plastic liner on the floor to inhibit it from damaging or scuffing. And wear non-slip closed-toes shoes to prevent accidents.

  • Wrap And Protect The Furniture

If you have decided not to hire a furniture moving company in Dubai, you will have to wrap the furniture yourself using plastic sheeting, bubble wrap, or moving blankets. 

Bubble wrap best shields mirrors, delicate wood pieces, glass tabletops, and plastic sheeting to safeguard upholstered things. When wrapping mirrors, glass, etc., corners frequently get damaged, so wrap their edges cautiously for added safety.

  • Use A Furniture Dolly

If you take dressers, beds, desks, couches, etc., you should prepare effectively for the heavy errand. Most furniture pieces are too heavy to be lifted and moved comfortably by two individuals. 

That’s why we recommend buying or renting a furniture dolly to make the task safer and easier for everyone. It is a flat, low platform with four wheels on the bottom that holds up weights to a thousand pounds. 


Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will prove useful when planning how to shift your furniture to your new home. If you are concerned that the shifting process will damage your furniture, you can hire a professional moving furniture company like I Like to Move It Move It Dubai. 

We use only the finest moving practices to get your possessions to their new residence. Our fully vetted, uniformed, and trained team has expertise in moving delicate furniture that demands extra care. Contact us today, and let us make your move smoother.