5 Initial Steps of Home Furniture Shifting

Last Updated:
November 29, 2023

Planning and organizing house relocation is frequently a long procedure that demands patience and exertion, as there are several steps to undergo to get it right. 

One of the biggest trials of any relocation is the huge number of different things that you need to sort, pack, move, and unpack upon arrival to your new residence. 

With countless errands in the moving procedure, you need to be continuously concentrated and vigilant to avoid missing anything. Nevertheless, not only the number of things is vital here, but their size, too. 

If you are relocating with your furniture, the moving process becomes more intricate as there are various additional hurdles. 

If you are planning to relocate and have decided to select a DIY method instead of hiring furniture shifting services, ensure you know where to begin and how to get the task done effectively to guarantee your furniture gets safely to your new home.  

5 Initial Steps Of Home Furniture Shifting

Follow these steps to ensure your valuable furniture stays beautiful and scratch-free when you set it in its new location.

  • Create An Inventory List

This is the primary step in any move. Take an inventory of all the furniture and things you are shifting into your new house and jot it all down. At this phase, you should also determine what things you don’t want to take with you. 

In the inventory list, next to the furniture items, specify their dimensions and the requirement to disassemble them before moving. It is also recommended to prioritize things, which will let you make a highly efficient plan and acquire a clear idea of the time duration.

  • Take Measurements

It is necessary to disassemble furniture when a furniture piece is larger to pass safely through your residence’s entrances or when it is heavier to be moved securely as one piece. 

Start measuring your furniture’s depth, height, and width, and then measure your hallways, stairways, and doorways. Then compare those measures to figure out your shifting steps.

  • Get The Equipment

If you don’t want to hire furniture-shifting services near me, you will have to purchase supplies and equipment. Buy tools that will help disassemble and load furniture, like moving straps, furniture blankets, screwdrivers, furniture dollies, etc. 

Also, get pads, bubble wrap, special boxes, etc., which you can take advantage of to safeguard your furniture during the move. 

Finally, employing furniture shifting services in Dubai for heavy equipment would be worthwhile because they already have everything you may require for this purpose. 

  • Disassemble The Furniture

After measuring your furniture and sorting the things by priority, commence disassembling the bigger part of your furniture. Discover tips on the internet or look at the guidelines on how to do it correctly. 

It is best to request friends for help or hire furniture shifting services, as disassembling furniture can be a tough task because of the lack of required skills and physical load.

  • Make A Box For Smaller Things

You should make boxes for storing your furniture’s all the smaller parts and details like hinges, nuts, legs, screws, etc. 

These parts and details can easily get lost or misplaced, making it impossible to reassemble the furniture. So, you should pack them separately and mark them.


Stick to these steps to make your first house relocation successful. If shifting all your furniture by yourself looks extremely intimidating, you can rely on I Like to Move It Move It Dubai. 

We have been offering reliable furniture-shifting services in Dubai for many years. With an experienced crew of furniture movers, you will be certain that the furniture moving will be comfortable and convenient. 

While shifting, your possessions will be our responsibility; they will reach their destination safely and securely. If you need furniture shifting services near me, contact us today and allow us to handle the heavy lifting for you.