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Whether your piano is on the ground floor or 7th floor, we will ensure that your piano arrives at your new location safely and securely.

We move 100’s of pianos across Europe and the UAE every year
Fully trained & experienced piano removal team
Vehicles fitted with Tail Lift, piano removal trolleys & blankets
Fully Insured to AED 2,300,000

Piano movers in Dubai you can trust

Pianos are extremely delicate & fragile and need to be handled with care at all stages of the move. Our piano removal experts will use the best tools for the job. From Upright Piano Dollys' & Grand Piano Shoes to Piano Raisers & Piano Jackets, we have the equipment to move your piano safely and securely.

A simple process to move your piano in Dubai


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Fill out our dedicated piano removal quote form and we’ll get back to you with a priced quote. For a more complex job, we may ask you to submit pictures, or a video survey to accurately assess your piano moving requirement and provide you with an accurate quote.


Booking-in your piano removal date

Once you’ve received a quote you are happy with to move your piano, we will let you know a date and time our specialist piano removals team will meet you at your property. We kindly ask you to ensure the space around the piano and the path leading out to the front door are clear of obstacles to save time on your piano removal day.

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The best Dubai piano removals company

Your piano will be wrapped in specially designed blankets or jackets to prevent scratches while it is being moved. Our vans have 500kg tail lifts which can handle most piano moves and hold your piano securely with ties and racks.

Below are some steps we take to ensure your piano is transported safely and correctly. Depending on the type of piano and location, the steps below and equipment used can vary slightly.

Packing and loading your piano for removal in Dubai

Upon arrival, our team of specialist piano removers will assess the job, measure doorways the piano will move through and clear the path the piano will be moved out into the van.
Your piano will then be carefully dismantled, any extra furnishing will be removed and the lid of your piano will be secured to ensure the piano lid doesn’t open during transportation.
Our piano removals team in Dubai will then wrap the entire piano in protective blankets which will be secured with straps and tape.
The piano will then be lifted with specialist equipment and placed onto a piano dolly which has been designed to support the weight of your piano.
The piano will then be rolled using the piano dolly out to the van. If there are any steps or obstacles which cannot be moved, the team of piano movers will know how to navigate these ensuring the piano remains safe.
Your piano and dolly will then be placed into the van using specialist ramps which can handle the load of your piano. The piano will then be placed at the front of the van loading area and secured in place.

Unloading and setting up your piano

Upon arrival at your pianos new home, our piano movers will unload the piano, transport the piano on the dolly to the room and location you would like to set up your piano.
The piano specialist team will then unpack the piano, attach any furnishing which has been removed and set up the rest of the instrument.
While utmost care will be taken during your piano removal however, we recommend having your piano retuned after it has been transported. Piano’s are very finely tuned and are sensitive to any movement.

Your piano removal is fully insured

Our piano moving experts are fully trained and have years of experience to handle all types of piano removals. For your piece of mind we are fully insured against any damages up to £50,000 during the transportation of your piano. If you require a higher insurance value, please let us know and we can arrange the correct insurance cover for the job. We are proud to have never made a claim due to damages and we strive to ensure we keep this standard during all our piano removal jobs.

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