What storage options are there (And what will work for your home)

Ray Vel
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July 2, 2022

Storage is one of the final annoyances of moving that must be addressed. Should you use self-storage or rent a portable storage container? We will go over everything you need to consider for each of these options. But, to get you started, here's a quick answer:

In most cases, the best solution will be determined by the length of time you need to store your belongings. Self-storage makes the most sense in the short term. Particularly if you require less access to your belongings.

When you need long-term storage and frequent access, a container makes sense. It should also be noted that storage containers are mobile. They can move from one location to another. However, self-storage units cannot.

Consider container storage if you need storage for your business. The majority of the time, businesses require long-term storage with easy access. As a result, container storage is the best option. However, if you require temporary storage, consider self-storage.

The distinctions

Storage containers

A storage container is a large metal container. The company can deliver it to your preferred storage location. You will have the option of loading the container yourself or hiring movers. We recommend hiring professional movers because the risk of damage and improper packing is reduced.

Many storage container companies will allow you to keep the container on your premises. You can also have it delivered to a storage or warehousing facility or have it relocated to your new home.

Portable storage containers are built to last, with superior weather resistance and durability. Your belongings will be safe because they are extremely durable.


The most common type of storage used when relocating is self-storage. It entails renting a storage unit at a facility. Units are available in various sizes and may include climate control for more delicate items.

Self-storage is commonly used as a short-term solution during a move. Your belongings will need to be transported from your home to the storage unit. When you're ready to move your belongings to your new home, you'll have to transport them again.

Consider the Costs

Between the two, containerized storage will always be the more cost-effective option. Rates and costs will, of course, vary from person to person. As a result, there is no set cost that you can anticipate.

However, container storage is usually the more cost-effective option. Particularly for long-term use. A self-storage is a good option if you need something for a short period of time.

Having access to your belongings

One of the most important factors is the level of access you have to your belongings. It can assist you in deciding between self-storage and storage containers. When deciding between these two storage options, keep in mind how much access you require.

A storage container provides greater access than self-storage. Because you will almost always have the container to yourself. While the office of a self-storage facility may have set hours.

You might only have limited access. It could be due to the hours of operation at your preferred self-storage facility.

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