Do Removal Companies Assemble Furniture?

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
July 2, 2022

A lot of people have questions about movers. And, while one of the most frequently asked questions is "do removal companies assemble furniture," we are here to provide an answer.

Putting your furniture together and removing it is a demanding task. It's usual to expect a moving company to help you with this.

Yes, your movers will build and disassemble any furniture that requires it. Some businesses charge extra for it, while others include it in their moving package. You'll need to check in with your moving company to see where you fall.

Some items, such as bed frames, must be dismantled before being moved. It aids in safety and reduces the chance of damage. The majority of your furniture won't need to be dismantled. Some items, however, will. The following are some of the most common items that require disassembly:

  • Frames for beds
  • Dining room tables that are enormous
  • Dressers with built-in mirrors
  • Vanities

These are the most common items that require it.

It's likely that if you put furniture together in a room without first dismantling it, you'll have problems getting it through the door.

Your mover will figure out how to take apart specific objects or furnishings. They'll also get them ready for transportation.

Should you do your own furniture assembly and disassembly or hire professional movers?

It's sometimes a good idea to delegate this task to your movers, and other times it's not. It all relies on the circumstances of your relocation and whether you need to save money. It's ultimately up to you to decide.

If you're having trouble deciding whether to hire movers or handle it yourself, consider the following three criteria.

Should you assemble and disassemble your furniture yourself or employ professional movers?

Delegating this work to your movers is sometimes a good idea, and other times it isn't. It all depends on your moving conditions and whether you need to save money. It is ultimately up to you to make your decision.

Consider the following three factors if you're having problems selecting whether to hire movers or do it yourself.

It is less expensive to hire movers.

Although it may appear like doing something yourself rather than paying someone saves money, this is not always the case.

You see, if you try to reassemble any of the more complicated furniture components on your own, you risk damaging them. As a result, hiring specialists to do the work for you will save you money more than you believe.

Professional movers will pack your belongings with greater care. Because they are experts at it. Use movers who specialise in what they do to get the most out of your relocation.


You will be less stressed if you hire pros to handle your move. It's due to their dependable services. To make this happen, you'll need to engage a reliable business.

Professional movers have the necessary training and skills to deconstruct any type of furniture, regardless of how complicated it is.


It will also save you time if you hire movers rather than packing everything yourself.

When you think about it, professional movers operate on a strict timetable. It ensures that they meet deadlines and complete more work in less time.

If you need to move out quickly, hiring professional movers is a good choice, especially for reassembling your furniture.

To sum it up

While relocating, your movers will be able to deconstruct and reassemble your furniture. They've been taught how to do it right and more quickly. However, before you employ movers, make sure you choose a good and reputable company.

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