Difference between containerised storage and self-storage?

Ray Vel
Last Updated:
July 2, 2022

It's all too simple to get a reputation of a house hoarder nowadays. – You don't know what to do with all the items you have under your sleeve.

When we run out of space in our homes to store everything, the problem emerges. It's when we require additional space to help safe-keep your treasured possessions when we can no longer do so.

We have a variety of solutions for keeping your valuables safe here. - Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks... Self-storage and containerized storage are the two most common types of storage.

What's the difference between a self-storage unit and a shipping container? One of the most commonly asked queries of moving firms is this, and we are here to answer that.

Self-storage vs. containerized storage: what's the difference?


Self-storage facilities are warehouses where you can store your personal or commercial things. The majority of moving companies provide purpose-built storage facilities.

These storage cabinets are designed with your needs in mind. It can hold a huge number of individual units connected by a network of lifts and stretched across multiple stories.

In these units, basic security protocols are always present. CCTV is an example of a protocol.

  • Padlocked doors on all sides
  • During operation hours, these warehouses have on-site personnel.
  • These precautions are taken by moving firms to keep your valuables safe.

If you require extra security, you might enlist the assistance of your moving company. You can choose and supply your own lock for your unit, to which you will be the only one who knows the combination.

You'll also have a far larger selection of unit sizes to choose from. - Assuring you don't squander money on wasted space.

Our storage units range in size from a single locker to a double garage. Furthermore, because your items will be stored indoors, they will be protected from changes in weather and temperature.

  • Most storage facilities can also help you with packaging supplies
  • Temperature management during loading and shipment.

Many units are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing you with the flexibility you need.

You might expect something a little different when it comes to containerized storage.

The most popular are outdoor sites in remote locations, such as warehouses or security compounds. Renting one is usually affordable because there are no further expenses to consider.

Depending on the size you select, you may be free to come and go as you like. If not, you may need to schedule visits to gain access to your apartment. Furthermore, there are fewer limitations on what you can store.

Which choice is better for you?

Container storage is ideal for anyone who needs to keep multiple large objects for an extended period of time. Try containerized storage if you don't plan on going in and out between filling and emptying the unit.

Self-storage, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective alternative for most people who need to store stuff temporarily. Christmas decorations, an extra bed, baby outfits, and other 'once in a while' items are examples. Self-storage may be right for you if this seems like your ideal option.

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